Venture Research Inc. is a leader in the RFID and IOT Sensor industry combining in-depth hardware and software solutions capability backed with over 1000 installations in 26 countries representing 10s of thousands of read points. In addition to solutions, Venture Research maintains a 24x7 proactive support center to ensure the installations provide non-stop operation.

Industry Leading Expertise

Venture Research brings deep knowledge and experience to the design of our products and services. We build upon our extensive experience in materials handling and warehouse operations to solve your most difficult challenges.

Proactive Support

Venture Research products and solutions are designed for production operations. Our 24/7/365 support and exclusive proactive monitoring with automated problem resolution ensure that any issues which arise are rapidly resolved.

Innovative Engineering

Venture Research engineers and delivers innovative products and solutions for logistics, supply chain and materials handling applications, supported by proactive management and monitoring services.

Production Quality

From fundamental design features such as sealed housings to vital details like vibration-resistant locking connectors, Venture Research products deliver the ruggedness and reliability that is required for industrial production use.