Four capabilities set Venture Research apart: Deep engineering and operations expertise, Innovative offerings, a production quality focus, and proactive, 24 x 7 x 365 support.

Deep Expertise

Venture Research brings deep knowledge and experience to the design of our products and services. We build upon our extensive experience in materials handling and warehouse operations, plus the knowledge gained in our in-house RFID test lab, to solve your most difficult challenges. Staff knowledge and experience:

  • Experts in supply chain execution, with hundreds of installations completed
  • Experts in business process reengineering to accomodate new technology
  • Electrical Engineers, with RF theory specialization
  • Electrical Engineers, with design, integration and fabrication experience to the chip level
  • Control systems engineers, with PLC and embedded controller expertise
  • WCS systems with Pick to Light, Put to Light, Voice, Automated Reporting, Dashboards, Label management, RF terminals / Tablets, using RFID and AIDC.
  • Mechanical Design Engineers with 3D modeling capability
  • Software design & development experts, including experts in .NET, Java, databases and device interfacing
  • Software and hardware firmware development for embedded applications
  • Board design expertise
  • Project Managers
  • Field installation specialists
  • Customer support engineers  

Innovative Offerings

Venture Research blends electrical engineering, software development, mechanical design and operational excellence to deliver innovative products, services and solutions. From rugged, weatherproof enclosures, through the plug-and-play “ROCK” and Pebble device controllers to the groundbreaking SlimTrak™ portals, our products deliver exceptional value and capability in form factors that no other company can match. Our solutions and services apply those products to specific customer problems, and are augmented with 24-by-7 proactive management and monitoring to ensure operational success.

Production Quality

From fundamental design features such as sealed housings to vital details like vibration-resistant locking connectors, Venture Research products deliver the ruggedness and reliability that is required for industrial production use. All Venture Research products are manufactured in the USA.

Proactive, 24 x 7 x 365 Support

Venture Research understands that production operations require not only the best products, but also the very best in operational support. We staff our customer support operations 24 x 7 x 365 ensuring that your needs will be met no matter when in your business day they arise, or where in the world you may be. Our solutions are backed by proactive monitoring and management so you can be confident that your critical business operations will run without interruption. Venture Research has developed, installed and supports over 400 installations in 28 countries on 6 continents.