Surface Trak

The Venture Research Surface Trak™ is state of the art in integrated reader/antenna solutions in the smallest footprint.​

• At only 9/16” tall, the Venture Research Surface Trak™ can sit on any desktop surface or be incorporated into a cabinet allowing real time tracking of material in the following industries:
• Health Care and Pharmaceutical
• File and Document tracking
• Tool Crib / Check in /Check out systems
• Specimen management and many more

BLE (Low Energy Bluetooth) Support
For the first time, an RFID reader can support both passive tags and active BLE tags, with the Venture Research Surface Trak™. Critical assets can now be tracked along with UHF Passive Tags.

Daisy Chain of Surfaces
Along with communication options of Ethernet (including POE), Wifi and Cellular, the shelf reader allows daisy chaining of many shelves via a simple CAN bus interface. Up to 16 surfaces can be tied together on a single cable to cover large work areas.

Direct Cloud Communication
The Surface Trak™ has built in store and forward capability allowing collection even when the network is unavailable. Direct interfacing allows the Surface Reader to post the information to a web service via HTTP/S, eliminating Middleware.

Multiple Configurations Available
Twelve Standard sizes available, as well as tuning to ETSI frequencies. See back of sheet for sizing.

Additional Sensors
Along with RFID reading, the Surface ReaderTM has 3 thermal sensors, optional proximity detection and GPIO for 2 inputs and 2 outputs.