Intelligent SlimTrak Portal

Fully Integrated Intelligent Portal

Finally, an all-in-one RFID portal with integrated intelligence and interactive touch screen. The Intelligent SlimTrak™ RFID reader / portal enhances the SlimTrak™ ultrathin enclosure by integrating a Windows XP or Linux PC and a touchpanel to provide a complete standalone portal solution in a single, compact enclosure. The Intelligent SlimTrak™ is especially useful when space is at a premium and allows complete applications to be run in the portal with no middle ware requiements. Applications include:

  • Personnel Doors
  • Security Tracking
  • Document / File tracking
  • WIP Tracking
  • Tool crib management
  • Kiosks
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Asset Tracking
  • Trade Shows and Seminars
  • Direct SAP interfacing
  • Intelligent Store and Forward ready for Cloud computing


Built-in Computing Power

The Intelligent SlimTrak™ includes a full PC with a Windows XP® or Linux operating system and a rugged 8.4" XGA touchscreen to easily deploy end-user applications, whether running locally on the unit, on a networked server, or completely in the cloud using the GSM wide area wireless options.

Compact Footprint

At a mere 40" X 9" X 1½”, the SlimTrak™ can be mounted almost anywhere. Whether it is on a wall, on a workstation, in a cabinet, on a counter, bolted to the floor or even hanging on a door with no visible external connections &em; its flexibility is unmatched.

Local Intelligence

For the first time, the unit can be configured for fully intelligent mode where reads and user interaction are filtered and processed and the transactions are automatically queued in the portal. Transactions can be stored on the local flash memory card awaiting network connectivity.

Versatile Communications

SlimTrak™ supports network connectivity through wired Ethernet, WiFi (802.11b/g) or GSM, all inside the slim cabinet. The wireless configurations provides rapid implementation, with only power required. Configuration and setup can be performed though wired Ethernet or wirelessly over WiFi.

Full Sensor and Actuator Management

The portal can manage a wide variety of sensors, including proximity sensors, directionality sensors, cameras, HF badge readers, door switches and biometric triggers. Control for the integrated stacklight, door locks, annunciators, full audio or other outputs are available.

Ready for Cloud Computing

The SlimTrak portal can be configured to filter and process reads and user interaction locally, and the transactions automatically queued on local flash storage until network services are accessible.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide around-the-clock assistance. All hardware products of Venture Research contain automatic self diagnosis capabilities, and can be connected to SiteWatch, the Venture Research remote monitoring system, for real time monitoring of system operability and alerting on exceptions. This ensures non-stop operation for critical applications.