Mobile Hand Held Computer with RFID

Lightweight, Rugged Industrial Handheld

The Venture Research RFID Handheld provides the smallest and lightest form factor, weighing in at only 380 grams, yet is ruggedized with an IP65 rating for continuous use in the most demanding applications. Suitable for manufacturing, distribution, asset / tool tracking, transportation and inventory management, the small package is equipped with the most versatile peripheral support in the industry

RFID Capabilities

The VR Handheld offers an integrated circularly polarized antenna, allowing RFID tag reads in any orientation. This is a must for asset or tool tracking where tags can be in any orientation on the material. The included RFID reader is available for North American 915 Mhz frequencies or EU – ETSI 865 Mhz regions.

Communications Versatility

With support for WiFi, GSM, BlueTooth and GPS available, the Venture Research Handheld provides the utmost in connectivity options. The Tri-Band GSM modem allows operation internationally with numerous wireless carriers.

Extended Battery Life

The Handheld is equipped with dual batteries, one in the casing and one in the handle, to dramatically improve usage time for applications that require a full shift operation. The Handheld is packaged with a single cradle configuration and also a direct plug in to enable quick recharging.

Integrated 1-D or 2-D Scanner and Imager

For barcode applications, a 1D medium range laser scanner is available. Additionally, a 2D imager is supported that provides an imaging target and supports the most popular 2D symbologies. An optional Camera can be provided to allow image capture of assets or material damage for the utmost versatility.

SD Slot for Data Storage

The Handheld offers an externally-accessible SD card slot, allowing easy access to an SD data storage card. In applications where data storage on the device is required, for any store and forward application, the integrated SD card is a requirement. This allows quick retrieval of information off the Handheld to a PC where WiFi or other connectivity options are not available. Additionally the SD card can be quickly moved to another Handheld to allow continuous operation.

Integrated Camera Option

The Handheld offers an optional mega pixel camera to capture asset pictures as part of a comprehensive asset trackign application.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Support is provided from the world class Venture Research support organization, which currently supports over 240 distribution centers with 24x7x365 proactive support. This ensures that support for your solutions is available, regardless of the time of day or where in the world you are located.