Pebble II I/O Device Controller

Flexible I/O Conditioning for RFID Readers

The Venture Research Pebble II provides cost effective I/O conditioning for RFID readers and enables flexiblilty in reader selection.

Common Connection to All Popular RFID Readers

The Pebble II converts the proprietary GP/IO connections of RFID readers into industry standard interfaces. A reader-model-specific cable connects the GP/IO ports to a common DB25 connector on the Pebble II. The I/O signals are converted in the Pebble, conditioned and then brought to industry standard connectors.

Industry Standard Connectors

Industry standard connectors for stack lights and photo eyes are provided directly on the front panel of the Pebble II, allowing quick connect/disconnect and termination of I/O lines. Direct input for Allen Bradley photo eyes is provided.

Standard Functionality for Lights & Photo Eyes

The Pebble II supports a wide range of photo eye, sensors, stack lights, relays, annunciators and signalers. Depending on the reader and the number of I/O points it supports, up to two stacklights with two annunciator modes, four inputs and two optional relays are addressable using the GP/IO command set of the reader.

Sealed Enclosure Allows For Harsh Environments

The Pebble II is enclosure is a NEMA 4 configuration, with all interfaces connectorized. This allows installation in splash and dust environments, making the Pebble II well suited for the food industry.

Integrated Status and Activity Lights

For installation and troubleshooting convenience, all I/O signals are brought out to activity lights to show the current status of all signals, whether input or output.

Custom Configurations Available

Venture Research leads the RFID industry in controller and specialty I/O configurations, and can provide support for special or unique I/O requirements. Special termination or connectorization options are also available.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide around-the-clock assistance. All hardware products of Venture Research contain automatic self diagnosis capabilities, and can be connected to SiteWatch, the Venture Research remote monitoring system, for real time monitoring of system operability and alerting on exceptions. This ensure non-stop operation for critical applications.