Smart Shelf Cabinets

Accurate Tracking With Minimum Effort

Venture Research Smart Shelf Cabinets combine HF and UHF technology to provide 100% accurate case and item-level tracking of critical items. Suitable for pharmaceutical tracking, pedigree management and critical item level tracking, the cabinets have been designed for the utmost in physical security and inventory traceability. Accurate item level picking can be performed from the cabinets with automatic inventory updates.


Provides complete control over the contents of the cabinet with real time event triggering and automatic inventory capture. All cases and items in the cabinet are counted continuously to insure no misdirection of the contents occurs. Door sensors inform of access to the cabinet and optional personnel badge scanner assigns the access to the personnel approaching the cabinet.

Distributed Intelligent Shelves


Venture Research provides the exclusive intelligent shelf technology that incorporates the reader and antennas in a 1/2 inch tall shelf allowing total control over the shelf readability. Connection between shelves either HF or UHF is via a simple low voltage CANBUS compatible cable eliminating the need to run RF cabling. Shelves can be daisy chained together providing the utmost in convenience and cost effectivity in deploying a shelf solution.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support


Venture Research maintains a world class support organization that can provide around-the-clock assistance. All hardware products of Venture Research contain automatic self diagnosis capabilities, and can be connected to SiteWatch, the Venture Research remote monitoring system, for real time monitoring of system operability and alerting on exceptions. This ensures non-stop operation for critical applications.