Tethered Handheld RFID Reader

Tethered Handheld RFID Reader

The Venture Research Tethered RFID Handheld Reader provides the utmost in flexibility at an affordable cost by combining state of the art RFID reader module technology with a Power Over Ethernet (POE) capability. A wired Ethernet connection allows the application to be hosted anywhere on the network, eliminating the cost and complexity of handheld computer power. The tethered solution eliminates the need for battery charging, further improving the cost effectiveness of the solution.

Dual Antennas for Near and Far-Field Operation

A unique Dual Antenna capability allows far field reads up to 10 feet away from the material, while the exclusive near field antenna can be selected by program control to perform isolated operations on nearby tags. This enables tag encoding to be accurately performed without the need to physically isolate a specific tagged item. The far field antenna is circularly polarized to read tags in any orientation.

Direct Feedback

The handheld provides 3 activity lights and a 2 line, 24 character backlit LCD display to allow operator feedback and prompting from the application. All activity lights, trigger control, antenna control and reader filtering are under application program control.

Built in EPC Tag Data Validator

The handheld is equipped with built in logic to validate and decode all EPCglobal standard tag data formats. The tag value is automatically displayed both in hexadecimal and in URI format. The allows the handheld to be used as a standalone tag validator without any application programming.

Extensible Cable

The handheld is supplied with a retractable, 15 foot cable is for the utmost in flexibility. Power is delivered to the unit through Power Over Ethernet to simplify the interconnect to the handheld. This easily accomodates applications that require the handheld to be carried to the area to perform reading, such as reading pallets from multiple sides.

Rugged High Impact Case

The hand held is provided with a high impact shell suitable for industrial environments. A hanger is supplied to allow it to be hung near the workstation when not needed.

24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Support

Support is provided from the world class Venture Research support organization, which currently supports over 240 distribution centers with 24x7x365 proactive support. This ensures that support for your solutions is available, regardless of the time of day or where in the world you are located.