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Venture Research has extensive experience in architecting solutions and providing guidance for technology-based business initiatives. We can act as your "Chief Technology Officer" to define effective strategies and plan specific initiatives for implementation by internal staff or outside resources. Venture Research can define all the financial and technical requirements of your initiatives and present them in a form suitable for board level review. We provide the blueprints that will enable you to proceed with confidence on your development and integration efforts.

Examples of where we can assist:

  • Defining new business processes using the latest techniques
  • Reengineering existing business process to incorporate the latest technology
  • Instituting industry best practices
  • Evaluating and validating the ROI of process improvement initiatives
  • Prototyping operational models
  • Integrating new processes with other IT systems
  • Converting complex supply chain processes to manageable ones with the introduction of technology
  • Introduction of RFID for those that need training and how it applies to achieving an ROI.


Specific strengths

  • Independent research
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Requirements analysis and requirements specifications
  • Best Practices definitions
  • Financial planning, including payback analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Facility and material handling design assistance
  • Current and future trends guidance
  • Design reusability analysis
  • Standards compliance planning
  • Legacy system and future system integration concerns
  • Vendor selection assistance
  • Contract development and negotiation
  • Strategic relationship and partnering guidance

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