RFID Test Laboratory

Anechoic chamber in RFID test lab
3D RFID Tag location and RF Energy measurement
High speed RFID test ring and encoding tunnels

Ensure the success of your RFID effort

Venture Research maintains and operates a state of the art RFID testing laboratory. Provisioned with anechoic testing chambers, RF measurement equipment and custom-developed automated test equipment, the lab is equipped for nearly any type of RFID testing.  In addition to the static laboratory, Venture Research has an 8,000 sq ft. warehouse dedicated to testing real word scenarios of dock door testing, fork lift testing including a reach truck, 5 tier racking cycle count testing,  20'x20' and 10'x10' dock doors, conveyor based receiving, tool cribs, LGVs, security access systems, shipping and encoding systems, pharmaceutical distribution cells and many more real world set ups to establish usage and selection of RFID tracking technology.

Lab services include:

Real world business case simulation

  • Characterization and evaluation of RFID equipment such as readers, printers and antennas
  • Performance measurement of RFID tags
  • Product/case/pallet tag selection and placement
  • Dynamic performance testing, using automated conveyor systems
  • Bulk characterization
  • Feasability testing of RFID solutions
  • Prototyping of RFID solutions prior to their deployment in production settings  

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