Site Survey and Solution Deployment

RFID and Facilities Site Surveys
Site Installation Deployment services

Effective, efficient deployment of your solution

Venture Research has the experience and expertise to not only design and develop innovative solutions, but also to deploy them for production use any where in the world. Venture Research has performed over 400 installations in 26 countries on 6 continents. By using our proven methodology of lab pilot, site pilot, extended pilot and then full deployment we can insure success in even the largest deployments. We can then rapidly deploy that solution, at one location or at hundreds. Venture Research maintains 2 deployment and field support offices in Texas and Florida. Solution deployment services include:

  • Site Surveys to insure proper electrical, facilities and RF considerations are planned
  • Packaging, to ensure rapid installation on your site
  • Pilot test support, to fine tune your solution
  • Extended Pilot to move the pilot to more diverse locations
  • Full deployment
  • Training of your staff or facilities personnel, to ensure that your experts are fully informed
  • Equipment qualification, staging, packaging and shipping
  • Connection of the solution to Venture Research proactive support services for continuous remote monitoring

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Venture Research Solution Deployment services can be customized to your specific needs. Please contact us to craft a plan to efficiently and effectively deploy your solutions.